Difference's Dialler

Making progress with Difference

"You may provide a dialler but it's the people behind the dialler that make the difference."

Ben Heppell, Managing Director, Smart Money Online

Increase your productivity by 300% and achieve more in less time with our hosted pay-as-you-go dialler service. You have full flexibility to prioritise campaigns, call queues, agent priorities, lists, inbound call processes, etc. The service is fully scaleable, from 1 – 5000 operators.

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If you cannot log into your dialler account from the link above, it is possible that your account is on our recently released dialler platform that you can access from here Log in here


Create a new dialler account here:  Set up your dialler account

FLG360.GIFDifference's dialler now fully integrates with FLG360.

Click here for more details on dialler/FLG360 integration

Hosted campaign management with:

  • Pay-as-you-go pricing; no long-term commitment
  • Easy set-up and configuration, rapid roll-out
  • Progressive or predictive dialling
  • Live data capture, call monitoring and reporting
  • Flexible callback scheduling
  • Time-of-day queue management
  • Login from anywhere via desk, web or soft phone
  • Built-in OfCOM-compliant abandon rate management
  • Flexible data export options


  • Quick and easy to set up in just 10 easy steps
  • Automatic dialling, increased agent talk time and data penetration
  • Delivers only connected calls and reports on unconnected calls
  • No minimum call costs and unlimited scaling
  • Saves time and money for any business, any size
  • Increased productivity; reduced staffing costs
  • All the benefits of automated campaign management without the costs – no capital investment, no maintenance or upgrade costs
  • Hosted platform directly interconnects with five of the largest UK telephone carriers, giving you the benefits of per-second billing
  • Call recording/playback, intelligent online call monitoring and reporting
  • Connect to customers for from as little as 3 pence per minute