Automation, Performance & Engagement

Serge Cren, MD at Difference:

With Difference Corporation it’s not human versus machine, it’s all about getting the best out of people and technology together



Difference Corporation has worked in a number of sectors including the financial services, energy and retail & leisure sectors to implement customer engagement solutions – whether for traditional outbound sales, to automate regular customer touchpoints like meter reads or to implement click-to-pay debt collection.

Difference’s Methodology for Effective Automation, Performance and Engagement

Difference’s experience is that great customer service is optimally achieved through a balance of automation, performance and engagement.  We have honed this experience to become great at aligning your organisation’s people with technology to deliver better customer engagement and for greater operational efficiency.

Difference recognise the importance of transparent and measurable communication between organisations and their customers.  We have a long-established practice of deploying key solutions and services in a number of sectors to help organisations deliver a consistent, measurable service in a world where customer imperatives are to engage by any available channel and where scrutiny of the quality of that engagement is instant.

The APE methodology is all about automating processes and helping staff work smartly through intelligent right-fit technology.

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is no longer just about how you want to contact customers; it’s all about how they want to contact you or be contacted by you.  They decide how they contact you, when they contact you and what their expectations are.  Your service is measured daily against your competitors and how you perform is public in real time via your own and other independent social media platforms such as Facebook and TrustPilot.

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