Compliance & Analytics

The Difference dialler platform can help you enforce compliance

There are three dialling modes that you can use with the dialler – preview (lets you preview info before a call), progressive (one agent to one call) and predictive (one agent to multiple calls).  Predictive mode is very effective when used correctly.  With the Difference dialler used in predictive mode, there is an algorithm to assess the number of available agents, data and the history of the data that predicts how many concurrent calls can be made to keep agents busy whilst keeping abandon rates to a minimum and monitoring the number of those abandons.

Answer-machine detection in some solutions can be one of the causes of abandoned calls, where the dialler misdetects a person answering the call to be an answer machine.  The result is a false positive and can lead to an abandoned call.  The Difference dialler algorithm minimises the risk of false positives by passing any calls where there cannot be full certainty of whether the response is from an answer machine or a person through to agents.

Many organisations have to record their calls to comply with regulations governing their operations.  FCA regulated organisations, for example, may be required to record and retain calls.  With the dialler’s built-in optional call recording feature this can easily be accomplished.

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