CRM Integration

CRM integration offers a joined-up approach to managing all aspects of customer contact…..


We have worked with some of the main players in CRM integration including:

We offer contact centre/CRM integrations as well as dialler/CRM integrations.

As well as some of the other obvious advantages of having customer information integrated in this way, linking real-time customer conversations with the information you hold about that customer can shave time off enquiries and increase first-call resolutions.

Integrating core business applications doesn’t just save time and make life easier for your customers and agents (although that is reason enough) it enables you to improve the customer experience, e.g. by fastracking high value customers or problematic customers to the relevant agents.

Our Application Program Interface enables clients to integrate key business workflows as well as applications such as lead management tools and CRMs.  This effectively means that clients can integrate with other systems without third-party involvement.

The dialler platform directly integrates with several major CRMs, including Zendesk and Salesforce.


Difference’s dialler also integrates with FLG360.  Click here for more details.

The principle of integration is well proven for voice calls: the customer calls in, their phone number is searched against your organisation’s customer records or the customer keys in an account number and the call is directed to an advisor with the appropriate customer record automatically open on the agent’s desktop.  With the latest cloud contact technology, this type of streamlined customer experience where customer details are automatically made available to the agent at the time of the conversation can be achieved, whatever channel the “conversation” is in – voice, email or webchat.

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