Difference helps businesses get Super Connected

Difference Corporation is a leading UK based business telecoms
company who provide an affordable ultrafast broadband services
for Edinburgh, Cardiff, Manchester and Salford based businesses,
with competitive prices on FTTC, ADSL and Satellite Broadband too.

As a supplier of Super Connected, Difference is helping businesses in these areas do
what they did before but faster, allowing them to explore exciting new ways of doing
business. For many businesses the only route to ultrafast broadband is through a
leased line which, with expensive installation fees and monthly rates often starting
from several hundred pounds a month, can be expensive. The Super Connected
programme aims to overcome this barrier by making ultrafast broadband far more
accessible; providing funding for eligible businesses to connect to a much faster

Not only is the connection fee covered by the funding (value of up to £3,000) but the
monthly charges for these high speed services will also be far more affordable.

The Super Connected scheme aims to enable speeds to eligible businesses of
30Mbps to 1Gbps.

Benefits include:

  • Increased productivity and competitiveness
  • Improved access to information and facilitation of innovation
  • Creation of platforms for business-to-business collaboration
  • Improved access to markets and opportunities worldwide
  • Provision of opportunities for businesses to become producers of ultrafast-enabled content and applications
  • Development of the knowledge-based economy
  • Increased flexible working and reducing business travel and commuting
  • Improved access to education and training

The Super Connected Cities scheme is for small and medium sized enterprises
(SMEs). For a business to be eligible for the ultrafast broadband funding, it has to
conform to the following criteria:

  • Have up to 249 employees, and turnover no greater than £50 million per annum and/or have a balance sheet of no more than £43 million; and
  • Reside within the geographical boundaries (as determined by postcode) of Cardiff

Eligible applicants also include Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) workers and in
certain circumstances may include commercial landlords for multi-SME premises.

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