What makes us different

Leading provider of business communication solutions and services

An independent provider of business solutions and services, we work with clients to grow revenue, improve productivity and optimise engagement.

What makes us different?

Core to Difference is our unrivalled expertise in business processes.  First we get to know your organisation’s goals and only then do we look at what may be the right solution for you, always aligning the organisation’s needs with the best value solutions available:

Business partner – not just a product supplier

  • Single helpdesk for all our contact handling solutions and services, connectivity and licencing
  • Robust analytics and compliance monitoring underpin our solutions
  • We expect to be measured on the value that we deliver
  • Return on investment is measured in weeks, not months
  • Best value, constantly benchmarked against market leading services
  • Whatever we happen to be doing for you, we don’t lose sight of automation, productivity and engagement
  • Agile service delivery
  • Delivering solutions fast in multiple countries
  • Managing transitions for and collaborating with teams, departments and existing providers
  • Support for process and technology
  • Platform and software independent

Payroll firm who replaced paper payslips with an integration into our text messaging platform and reduced cost to service by £16 per payroll head annually, estimated annual saving of £320,000

Who uses us?

We work with a number of sectors such as the finance, energy, retail and leisure sectors to grow their revenue, improve productivity and optimise engagement. Our clients range from single site organisations to businesses with over 400 operating sites worldwide and include Spark Energy, MotoNovo Finance and The Original Bowling Company.

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