We are experts in a range of tried and tested SIP solutions from our trusted partners, as well as Firstcom’s own Universe product.  Difference’s softphones can be used from desktop computers, tablets or smartphones (Android and iOS).   Any computer or smart device that has a microphone and speakers  can double up as a softphone but Difference can also provision headsets for use with softphones  as well as the underlying VOIP connectivity.

Difference also offers a range of desk-based SIP phones such as snom and Yealink IP phones.

Click here to find out more about Firstcom’s Universe SIP phone.

SIP Encrypt

We also offer call encryption solutions that work like a firewall to protect phone conversations made over the internet and to prevent confidential business data falling into the wrong hands.  Our SIP Encrypt services is a fully audited cloud telephony service built from Firstcom’s fifteen years’ plus experience in call security.

We help contact centres, the legal and financial sector and pharmaceutical companies protect their intellectual property and comply with legislation. Call encryption isn’t just about complying with regulations and avoiding fines; it allows you to be confident that all your internet is protected with strong cyber security defences.  To understand the value of this kind of encryption, check out this hard-hitting short Youtube video showing just how vulnerable call content can be without it: Encrypt your calls with Firstcom’s SIP encryption.

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