Gone is the organisation’s “preferred contact channel”; it’s your customers who dictate channel preference!

With an SMS service in place, your organisation can provide proactive customer service, e.g.  reminders, renewals, offers, alerts and travel updates.

SMS messaging is a powerful and highly personalized way to stay in touch: almost everyone in the UK has a mobile phone that they have with them at all times and that they check often.  So it makes generating business communications and targeted communications easy.

Our high-volume SMS  service allows you to send personalized SMS messages in bulk and individually.  With it come automated opt-out functionality and online delivery reporting, helping you stay compliant and measure success rates.

Save time and money with automated messaging campaigns

Agent-led communication is decreasing, focussing in on those areas of communication where voice-to-voice adds the most value. Digital communication, notably SMS, is now becoming the norm. Statistically, SMS messages have been proven to have the highest open rate. And they have been shown to return the most responses.

SMS is an effective way of reaching a large audience quicker than call centre agents calling each and every contact

The SMS text can be edited and personalised (e.g. customer name, policy number, amount to pay, etc.) quickly and easily, whether the SMS is for an individual or for a number of recipients.  Increased conversion and customer engagement is typical when the SMS contains a call-agent number or a click-to-pay weblink.  For call-agent calls-to-action you can adjust the outbound call rate in real time to optimise traffic back into your call centre.

Digital for collections

If you look at the age groups with most debt, most collection notices, if for no other reason than their population size, it is likely to be the younger age groups. And it is those groups who are most used to engaging through digital means and most likely through SMS.

Collections via SMS – why?

  • The high staff and call costs attempting to collect payments from your customers can often outweigh the results
  • Customers don’t always want to talk to agents
  • SMSs are read 76% + of the time
  • Up to 50% of customers simply can’t be reached via other channels
  • Agents can handle multiple SMS conversations
  • Consumers expect to be able to authenticate their identity, open new accounts, pay monies due, etc., all from their mobile devices

Digital for compliance

Digital communication has its advantages in the area of compliance. It is much easier to control a text than it is to control an individual operator. A pre-programmed text will not go off-script and will not be as easily subject to human error.

Technology means control and control means fewer mistakes

Andrea Davies, Head of Consulting at Difference

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