The Scottish Salmon Company

The Scottish Salmon Company is a fully-integrated salmon farming business.  Headquartered in Edinburgh, The Scottish Salmon Company breeds, farms and processes its salmon in the Western Highlands and Islands and sells around 25,000 tonnes of premium Scottish salmon a year to over 25 countries around the world.

The Scottish Salmon Company has been a client with Difference since 2011.  With 500 or so staff spread across 60 freshwater, marine and processing facilities in remote and rural parts of Scotland,  it was an early adopter of Difference’s satellite broadband, broadband boosters, tracking solutions and conferencing facilities.   Difference also provides The Scottish Salmon Company with calls and lines, mobile phones and SMS services.

The Scottish Salmon Company is the only large salmon company managed in Scotland and where all operational decisions are made.  It has investments of over £10m in the local economy and indirectly supports over 1,200 Scottish jobs.


Making ultrafast broadband more accessible....the Difference way

As a supplier of Super Connected, Difference is helping businesses in these areas do what they did before but faster, allowing them to explore exciting new ways of doing business. For many businesses the only route to ultrafast broadband is through a leased line which, with expensive installation fees and monthly rates often starting from several hundred pounds a month, can be expensive. The Super Connected programme aims to overcome this barrier by making ultrafast broadband far more accessible; providing funding for eligible businesses to connect to a much faster service.


We also implemented chat tracking software to enable firm lead generation from the website.

Customer testimonial:

“I feel that I can rely on the information and advice provided (not something I can say about other telecoms folk I have dealt with)”

— Mark Farrer, Head of IT, The Scottish Salmon Company

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