The Team

Core to Difference is our unrivalled expertise in business processes.  First we get to know your organisation’s goals and only then do we look at what may be the right solution for you, always aligning your organisation’s needs with the best value solutions available.

We combine over 60 years’ experience in contact handling technology, IT and consulting coupled with a fundamental understanding of the importance of open communication across successful organisations.

The Difference team has delivered solutions for organisations such as ICL-Fujitsu, Electrolux, US Department of Defence, Dell, PWC, Accenture, Spark Energy and Hollywood Bowl.  We have consulted at a senior level with some 80 technology companies including Vodafone, Cisco, Google and Reuters.

Every staff member individually is unique and adds their own value in different ways

Anna McNally

The team:
  • TREVOR GERAGHTY Sales Director

  • SERGE CREN Managing Director

  • ANDREA DAVIES Head of Consulting

The senior management team at Difference combines over 50 years of experience in contact handling technology and consulting.

As Sales Director at Difference, Trevor Geraghty has worked internationally with some of the world’s leading players in the communications space, including Vodafone, Cisco and Cable and Wireless.  From Difference’s beginnings in 2002, Trevor has overseen the organisation evolve from being a boutique technology consulting firm to a leading customer engagement service provider in a number of sectors.  Trevor is spearheading the customer engagement solutions and services at Difference with automation, performance and engagement at the very core of Difference’s value-added services.

Of German French origin and educated in one of France’s top business schools, ESSCA, Serge Cren is an accomplished entrepreneur and a well-respected member of the UK business community. To-date he has had a distinguished career working at board level with organizations such as ICL-Fujitsu in resourcing, Electrolux and ABB and co-founding one of Europe’s most innovative change consultancies.

Andrea Davies has worked chiefly in business consultancy, service delivery and client management in the technology sector. With a background in artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Andrea has worked with a variety of large and small companies including IBM, Dell, Google and Vodafone as well as with consultancy service providers such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Accenture.

The Difference team includes certified professionals, including Prince II qualified practitioners.  What unites us is our goal to be the best in class when it comes to professionalism and integrity and in terms of the quality and service excellence that we deliver.

All our staff are actively engaged in the products and services that we offer.

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