Implementation Services

Topics typically covered during implementation:


1, Discuss business objectives and targets on an organisational, industry and departmental basis

2. Identify and prioritise areas of application and quick wins

3. Analyse business communication workflows

4. Agree and define performance measures and contact outcome

5. Prioritise campaigns and projects according to value, importance, returns, timelines, etc.

6. Outline major configuration/integration requirements

Outcome: Plan & Review – establish a plan and review it with you


1. Specify data requirements

2. Map data/integration requirements

3. Agree optimum configuration

Outcome: Design – bring everything together and create your solution


Remote or onsite

1. Admin, superuser and user training

2. Live management reporting/monitoring and training

Outcome: Ready for go-live

Go live & sign-off

1, Remote or onsite support

2. Minor configuration changes

3. User support and mentoring

4. Sign-off

Review and ongoing support

1. Process reviews – best/worst times to contact, best/worst shift patterns, peaks in demand, etc.

2. Performance review – personal performance of users, modelling best practice, outcome patterns per user, call duration per user, etc.

3. Configuration review – modify to optimise workflow according to process and performance review

4. Ongoing support

5. Integration with new applications and other technologies

6. Review project and make sure it has met all the objectives initially set

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