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WhosOn live chat powers quick, convenient communications between brand and web visitor, complete with a handy range of features.

Chat surveys

Pre-chat survey, to gather valuable customer data and give relevant support.  Post-chat survey, to ascertain service quality and satisfaction.  Reports on post-chat survey fields, to collate and capitalise on insights

Canned responses

Automatic keyword detection, to speed up response windows.
Ready-made answers launched within the chat window, to eliminate manual re-typing.
Categorised, access-controlled canned responses, to suit each user’s needs

Speed chat

Predictive text, to send the most relevant recent response within 3 strokes of the keyboard.
Recommended chat answers, to reply intuitively and immediately.
Quick tab, to switch from chat to chat with speed and ease.

Chat mood

Recognition of emotive words, to ascertain user satisfaction.
Visual mood indicators, to display chat mood to the agent quickly and clearly.
Inbuilt emoji pack, to convey feeling at a click.

Chat translation

Automatic language detection, to improve the customer journey.
Live, two-way language translation, to remove communication barriers.
Support for 43 languages, to open your website to the world.

Stacked chat

Strikingly original chat window for your website, to chat in style.
Messages stacked in a stylish, scrollable box display, to wow web users.
Customisable chat appearance, to match the client to the look and feel of your website.

File upload

Send files back and forth in real-time, to prevent channel disruption.
All common file formats accepted, to share information quickly and efficiently.
Live document verification, to reduce cost and resource.

Dynamic invites

Automatically issue chat invitations, to offer proactive service.
Create triggers based on site activity, to launch chats at opportune moments.
Send invites based on user details, to provide a personalised experience.

Mobile chat

Mobile friendly chat window, to be available to customers on any device.
Full mobile support, to ensure a robust omni-channel experience.
Supporting mobile app, to take chats on the move.

Customer history

Recognise return chat users, to greet digital customers like old friends.
Display existing chat histories, to prevent reintroductions and repetition.
Pull in relevant CRM data, to have account information instantly to hand.

Chat preview

See what the user is typing as they type, to gain insights on the chat and the customer.
Preview chat content before the customer hits ‘send’, to respond with speed and accuracy.
Flag confrontational or inappropriate language, to prevent issues before they arise.

Availability schedules

Automatically remove chat options out of office hours, to manage customer expectations.
Surface an “offline” button when all agents are unavailable, to prevent lengthy waits.
Set a standard leave message or call back option, to keep communication channels open.


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